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"Ooh, What A Feeling, When We're Dancing On The Ceiling.."

Wow. A serious lack of updates on my part. Sorry about that.

This past.. month.. has been interesting. It started off extremely awkward, towards the middle, it became alright.. and now, it's amazing.

Joseph opens in two weeks, I couldn't be more excited about it. Even with the coconut bra and grass skirt.

That's right. I'm wearing a coconut bra and a grass skirt.. that's it. It's going to do one of two things :

A.) Make people laugh uproariously
B.) Make people very, very uncomfortable.

Hopefully, if we get a few laughs every night when I come sliding out in it, it will start a snowball effect and everyone will laugh. I mean I AM only in it for a max of 5-6 minutes.

I should be going to New York at the end of March/beginning of April. The people I am going with guarantee that it is going to be a good time. The only show I really, really want to see while I am up there is Spring Awakening.

I have my orientation for my job on Tuesday. It's going to be fun, hopefully. I'm excited.

WATCH Awards are on Sunday, and that excites me. I can't wait to perform! Even if we don't win, I don't care, I'm just excited to perform with everybody again in front of an audience.

I have been playing The Sims 2 a lot recently, which is weird because I don't like The Sims. I just got addicted.. I think it's just a phase due to my boredom.

Whatever, I'm sure I'll outgrow it.


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yay for spring awakening i am sure that you will love it!

and yay for grass skirts and uncomfortableness. im sure you will achieve your goal. cant wait to see it!