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"Like You're Madder Than Hell, And Right As Rain!"

So today was fun.

I started off at auditions for Pippin. Nick and I got there, filled out the forms, turned in our resumes when the director stopped us and said that we shouldn't even go on when we couldn't make pretty much any of the rehearsals because of Joseph. So we left. But we still got to sing and they kept our resumes and said they would call if something opened up.

Nick and I then went to Aladdin rehearsal. Lame. The only cool part was that the dragon actually breathes fire now, and by fire I mean flash paper goes off. So I guess its lame. Haha. whatever. I really don't care. It's a children's show.

Nick and I then went to Joseph rehearsal. Amazing. We choreographed most of the first two numbers, and ran through it a few times. We also ran through Act Two music. Amazing. God that show is going to be sooo good.

When I got to Joseph, Rachel Nutter was there and I was like what are you doing here? Apparently, she was watching Montel Williams a couple of days ago, and at the end of the show they said "if you have ever had contact with the paranormal, please contact us", so she did and they actually got back to her! So today we filmed a re-enactment of the stuff that happened at LPHS with Hannah. Rachel Nutter, Mary Thiedeman, myself, and..... Mike Margelos. Because he looks so much like a high school student. Whatever. We had fun. It was hilarious.

Then Sean and I went to the mall, talked to Kenny, and met up with Aubrey. Sean and I stayed there for probably an hour, and then left there and came here.

And here I am. I am tired. so goodnight.

Watch for me on Montel! I keep you posted when it is airing, if it airs. :)
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