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"Lucky Me, Can't You See I'm In Love?"

So I sold my soul to the devil and finally got a MySpace. I know, it's crazy. Haha. So www.myspace.com/glrichardson87 if any of you kids want to add me. These past two weeks have been fun. I have just been hanging with really cool people. Even Aladdin rehearsals are fun (kind of), definitely not because of the show, but because of the people. Joseph is going amazing. I know I say that a lot, but I really mean it. It's amazing.

Seussical got 11 WATCH Award nominations which is very very exciting. I'm really excited to perform and for Derek, who got nominated Best Lead Actor In A Musical, which is just fantasmagorical.

I miss Brian. haha. I haven't seen that kid in like 4 days. I think that's the longest we have gone without hanging out since he's been home. I also miss Zelda.

My aunt bought me both Eragon books for Christmas. So I cracked the first one open today. It's alright, so far. I don't know how I feel. It's kind of weird.

Nick and I went and saw I Hate Hamlet the other day. I really liked it. I wish I could have stayed after to say "hey" to people, but we had to run. But I really enjoyed it.

That's about it, kiddos.

Guess I'll update again whenever

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