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"I Did All Sorts Of Things I Wouldn't Usually Do..."

Man, last night was hilarious. Haha. Started off at Brian's house playing some Zelda, because Zelda on the Wii is amazing. I suck at it, but I still love playing it. I'm pretty far. Haha. Then I went to rehearsal for Aladdin, and that was shitty, of course, but thats because it's a shitty show. After that, I reported to Brian's house for some Lost action with Ms. Lauren Kennedy and Catie Taylor. Then the four of us met up with some people from Lauren's movie. It was awkward at first. Catie, Brian, and I just hung to ourselves, but then towards the end of the night when the rest of the people left our table, we opened up. I met two really cool guys whose names I don't remember. It was bad ass. Today, calls for some Joseph rehearsal which is pretty much guaranteed to rock. I am scared about the children though. Haha. Just because I don't want to say something around them and get in trouble. After rehearsal, I am meeting up with sexy people and getting some Chipotle, since they just opened the one in Waldorf.

Today is going to be awesome.

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